Waking up to the birds singing in Stadt-Wehlen am Hausberg! We had a small breakfast in Toni’s Bäckerladen and took the ferry to cross the river Elbe to get to the train station. We wandered through old and new Dresden, ate some specialities of the area: Weisswurst, and sweet cheese dumplings! At 11:30 we stepped into the Frauenkirche and Bach was played on the monumental organ: it was a examination for a master in church music from the church music school of Dresden! On the main square there was a beach volley ball contest, we did our best to avoid all the tourist but we could not escape from a japanese crowd walking the city with umbrella’s, white socks, and sandals! Then we exited too soon of the tram and had to walk a lot to get to the castles on the took of the hill on the Elbe banks! To keep our budget we decided to get our diner from the supermarket: Bretzels, all kind of german dried sausages and salami, and as a desert: cherry, watermelon and yogurt!

traveling to our first dreams…763 km

IMG_2005   IMG_5856


Amsterdam- Stadt-Wehlen: cheering on the boarder! 300 km left and counting at 16:00. Arriving in Sachsen-Anhalt: “Land der Frühaufsteher”…let’ s drive through quickly: we both inherited the french morning sleep sickness…Funny truck during jams! “Land in zicht!” 17:15 entering “Freistad Sachsen”! We did miss the monument at the former eats-west Germany border… Finally we arrived in an idyllic romantic countryside landscape at the outskirts of Dresden. Where we were expected by an english painter! We were told: “tomorrow just take the very across the river to the train station, and take a 3€ ticket into Dresden!” So we will do…

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Cozy first night!

the beginning of our odyssey…

Waiting in vain for some summer weather in Amsterdam… We have decided: Erna 12 and Andra 42 to hit the road beginning of july. Dresden, Praha, Brno, Bratislava, Wien, Budapest…traveling and inhaling culture all through Europe…FullSizeRender

We are now equipped: we can draw and write and blog, so we will keep you posted!!!