“Mam, why isn’t it called Bruno?”

IMG_5979IMG_5978We started the day in Prague, having breakfast at Café Savoy, with an amazing cake vitrine, old fashioned, classic, delicious and charming. We picked up our car and headed off to Brno situated in south- Moravia. Well the drive was short but bumpy, the kind of highways where you wonder if your tires will still be on at arrival! But ” I had a nice nap on the bumpy road, did not feel a thing!” said Erna… so once more, if you travel to Czech Republic, do not go by car: we got trapped in the pedestrian city center of Brno, we kept smiling and looking silly, which helps when you meet an annoyed czech police woman that does speak: no english, nor german, nor hungarian, spanish, french, or any of the tools we could have used… We refrained ourselves from asking to make a picture of her… Finally it all worked out again…( though sometimes I worry if I can handle life without my “man”…) and happily we started walking the streets of Brno…

DSC_2493 DSC_2513 IMG_5987





Here a drawing on the wall of our favorite character, called “Krtek”, we did not look so happy in our car… Probably because we left our happy bunny at home…




Brno is a delightful city, almost no tourists, can do everything by foot. Just like in Prague the tram is nice but overcrowded! And it has lots of nice churches, and its own black maria. And I forgot to say it is the birthplace of about half of my relatives,and my dear aunty Hedda ( born Schatek) was born here!

DSC_2510 IMG_5983

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