Budapest 2

IMG_6222 IMG_6234Second day in Budapest! We took a 24 hour ticket for public transportation, so we have done it all: metro, tram, bus and hév… It was extremely hot and we barely survived, I actually have to admit I did throw up in the bus, and I am not proud of it… I tried to explain in my best hungarian to a middle aged teeth less bus driver that ” I am not feeling well” and he thought I said he was not all right… Nevertheless we started up at the Buda Castle and visited the National gallery, and the highlights of the fine arts Museum.

IMG_6228 IMG_6229

Here some of the work we liked! Look at the bearded guy, something to try guys! We were puzzled how his barber could make his chin hair in such a fashion…barbers in amsterdam, here is a challenge.

We have also seen some less frivolous themes when we stepped into the religious area of the museum.

IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6230





For lunch we had a cold strawberry soup, in Hungary the Gyömölcsleves is a popular traditional dish…




We finished the day with a visit of the Victor Vasarely Museum, that was really great. He was a french-hungarian artist, leading the movement of geometrical visual arts, or “op-art”. Erna said that she could see the influence of the work of Piet Mondriaan in his paintings… The museum was almost empty…so we enjoyed sitting on the big couches and watching…


We closed off our Budapest adventure with a great family dinner with Erna’s uncle and girlfriend at Náncsi néni vendéglö and Erna had….






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