Venice, or better Zelarino…

We woke up early ( for us then) and left at 8:00 the Balaton Museum to hit the road towards Italy. The way through Slovenia is just beautiful, and we are sorry for all our slovenian friends that we did not stop somewhere to enjoy the beautiful hills, lakes and countryside…


Around 14:30 we arrived at our destination, the ecogarden, camping site outside of the little town of Zelarino near Venice. We grabbed ourselves a few bio tomatoes, cucumber, an onion and a melon and had a nice lunch…Am I happy we decided after all to still go into Venice, at the ecogarden they have bike you can use, if not all the good bikes are gone, or have a flat tire, so we walked to the bus stop, and as lucky as we are, the bus just arrived and it took us 30 minutes to get into the city. As it was already around 18:00 the temperature and sun were softening, and strangely enough it seemed like very few tourists were on the go! ( the next day we would be disappointed about this…)






IMG_6361 IMG_6348 IMG_6381





We have visited the Guggenheim Museum, our favorite pieces are from Matisse and Jackson Pollock…

magritte la voix des airs jackson pollock alchemy

Nearby the Guggenheim museum happens to be the best pizza bakery of Venice!




And of course we made up for the disastrous ice cream experience we had in Hungary with delicious italian ice cream!!! The next day the bus into town was filled to the roof with tourists and we were two of those, we travelled the whole day with the vaporettos around as Erna had suffered and barely survived 14 mosquitos attacks.

I must say, I know I am not a water person, but I did not really feel safe in those little motor boats and I prefer the “pont” in Amsterdam… We even went for a quick dive in the adriatic sea at Lido, of course also there it was crowed, sunny, hot…




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