Lido di Savio

After going from one city into the next we finally arrived into what suddenly feels like a luxury harbor! A room with shower and toilet and….air conditioning!!! Even a tv set is available, if one gets terribly bored from the country side and the seaside! We got offered two bikes to move around the lido, and off we went into the sunset to get some local food: piadina and beer and coke!

IMG_6430 IMG_6423 IMG_6426





Our wondering continues when this morning  a great homemade breakfast awaits us: warm bread buns, cherry jam, fresh blackberries and raspberries, italian coffee, home baked cookies filled with homemade jam, cake……


Then we grabbed our bikes and our umbrella ( friendly borrowed from our great hosts Stefania, her husband and their little 3 year old boy) and biked to the secret beach of Lido di Classe, through the pine woods we ended up outside of the over populated beaches onto a 100% italian beach, well almost because a nice belgium lady started chatting us up ( she was living in Italy for the past 20 years and was going soon to a few weeks trip through the Netherlands and Belgium)

IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447





We came back to our cool room, and to our surprise, it had been tidied up will we were chilling on the beach! What a service. while I start using the internet Erna is getting upset at it slow down the network and she can not stream her favorite serie…


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