Assisi and Lago do trasimeno

Heading towards the end of our mother and daughter journey, we have arrived in Assisi. It was a challenging trip as we entered the city, our navigation kept sending us right through the narrow streets of Assisi, until I almost started cursing, and crying all together…I dropped the car in front of Santa Chiara cathedral and started looking for a local that could help me! And my prayers were heard, a police car just turned the corner…So in fluent italian I was told that to get to our accommodation: ”  Suore di Santa Brigida di Svezia”, I just needed to be on the other side of the cathedral! Piece of cake! Right…

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After many wrong turns and driving through medieval porches we finally got there.  Though the road signs and stoplights are not always helping…


Later on when we explored the streets of Assisi we found the perfect car to move around in the narrow streets!



We visited the minerva temple transformed in a catholic church, the basilica of Saint Fransisco, the cathedral of San Rufino and its crypto, the tomb of San Fransisco… Saw a lot of shiny relics and religious artifacts…and were very happy to stumble upon an ancient music interments exhibition featuring a vitrine with famous conductor sticks: from Verdi, to Karajan, Toscanini… And we were surprised that some of the paintings were absent due to renovation works, but I found a substitute model!…

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Had ice cream in a chic café, and became incrowd at Café central because there was no internet at the convent, though the sisters had email contact with me about the booking.

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Finally we had most of our diners at the convent, as it was simple cooking that suited us very well…So the convent was made of 10 sisters, 9 from India, and one from Mexico, and all very friendly and smiling…

We took a day off from the heat and busy Assisi, where you can see all kind of tourist: catholic groupies, hippies, old ladies, whole parish on a trip, youngster group on educational trip, numerous types of pilgrims, priests, nuns, monks…in all colors and robes…and we went to Lago di Trasimeno…

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Then it was time to hit the road and drive towards Rome Fiumincino and pick up Tom on time…thought the italian “highways” are definitely not Europe’s best ( first place shared by Slovenia and Hungary…), and we were held up by bumpy roads and road accidents, and (let’s call it) creative italian driving style!…We did make it on time to the airport..



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