Love Vienna

De weg van Brno naar Wenen was minder hobbelig, maar het was geen snelweg. We gingen voor de grens even stoppen om de tank weer te vullen en de vignette voor Oosterrijk te koppen. Toen hebben we een Turkse student uit Istanbul meegenomen : Hij had zes manden vakantie en was door allerlei landen gaan liften. Hij was nu onderweg naar huis. Hij vertelde dat hij in Spanje wel 3x acht uur lang op een lift moest wachten. In het tankstation van Deutsch-Wagram, dichtbij Wenen, hebben we hem afgezet. (en hij zij de hele tijd “Ooh that is fantastic !” zo  irritant) Toen zijn we verder gereden en aangekomen in Hütteldorf bij de zus van de beste vriendin van mijn oma uit Parijs, en we hebben krakers met spek gegeten en gingen de stad in met bus en U-Bahn (metro en tram). We gingen door de stad slenteren en zagen de Stefan’s Dom, de Kaisergruft (het was heel vies en een beetje griezelig) en natuurlijk gingen we bij café Sacher de beroemde taart eten !!!!IMG_6043  Op de terugweg hebben we verkoeling gezocht in kasteel Schönbrunn. IMG_6084S’avonds hebben we frankfurter met pasta gegeten en aardbijen uit de stad, helaas waren deze niet zo groot als die we in Brno op de markt zagen. hier in Wenen zijn super veel paard koetsen en ik wou er heel graag in maar dat mocht niet van MAMA :(. De volgende dag zijn we in het Leopold museum geweest daar vond ik het mooiste schilderij de Appelboom met de SLAK. IMG_6085De moderne schilderijen vond ik niet zo heel mooi. We hebben in een ouderwets café gezeten en heerlijke omeletten gegeten.


So if you have a hard time understanding dutch here a summary: no highway from Brno to Wien! We took a hitchhiker, we ate Frankfurter, Sacher Torte, Wiener omelette, Marillen knödel, saw the Stefan’ s dom, Leopold Museum… We saw a lot’s of places were Vivaldi, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart seemed to have lived… bad tenants?…Apparently all of these composers and musicians did not pay the rent regularly and seemed to have moved about quite a bit!.. We visited a lots of nice little churches, had our first ice cream abroad this summer!

DSC_2539 IMG_6132 IMG_6102 IMG_6100 IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6127 IMG_6071 IMG_6051 DSC_2534 IMG_6151


“Mam, why isn’t it called Bruno?”

IMG_5979IMG_5978We started the day in Prague, having breakfast at Café Savoy, with an amazing cake vitrine, old fashioned, classic, delicious and charming. We picked up our car and headed off to Brno situated in south- Moravia. Well the drive was short but bumpy, the kind of highways where you wonder if your tires will still be on at arrival! But ” I had a nice nap on the bumpy road, did not feel a thing!” said Erna… so once more, if you travel to Czech Republic, do not go by car: we got trapped in the pedestrian city center of Brno, we kept smiling and looking silly, which helps when you meet an annoyed czech police woman that does speak: no english, nor german, nor hungarian, spanish, french, or any of the tools we could have used… We refrained ourselves from asking to make a picture of her… Finally it all worked out again…( though sometimes I worry if I can handle life without my “man”…) and happily we started walking the streets of Brno…

DSC_2493 DSC_2513 IMG_5987





Here a drawing on the wall of our favorite character, called “Krtek”, we did not look so happy in our car… Probably because we left our happy bunny at home…




Brno is a delightful city, almost no tourists, can do everything by foot. Just like in Prague the tram is nice but overcrowded! And it has lots of nice churches, and its own black maria. And I forgot to say it is the birthplace of about half of my relatives,and my dear aunty Hedda ( born Schatek) was born here!

DSC_2510 IMG_5983

Praha finally…


DSC_2385It is not that Prague is far away from Dresden, no, only about 150 km, but… First we had some trouble driving down the Hausberg and getting back on the highway, in addition to that it was bloody hot today… Even buying the ticket for the czech highway went smoothly, but then trouble started: traffic jam, highway stopping being a highway, so we had to drive through lots of villages with DSC_2355all the cars and trucks that left the highway, when finally the highway picked up again on being a highway: more traffic because a truck on the other side of the motorway started burning up! By the time we made it to the city center, our host had left us a message how to get the keys and settle in the apartment but that was rather annoying and unsettling that he was not around to help us…Facing the next challenge: we emptied the car totally and went to look for a suitable parking place! So we could not check in before noon, and will have to be checked out before noon! ( a bit tough, but we will drive further on to Brno and hope to have less traffic and less parking problems…)

Anyway, we felt very safe strolling through the tourist filled streets of Prague, amazing beautiful old buildings, incredible churches, nice old trams. We know now how we should bike on tram rails! And we were overwhelmed by the amount of tourist we started photographing all kind of creatures we encountered! Here a small summary! We also have a photograph of some young japanese girls jumping up in the air together…but the best we kept to ourselves!…

DSC_2429 DSC_2402 DSC_2400 DSC_2474 DSC_2435 DSC_2449 DSC_2454 DSC_2461 DSC_2426 DSC_2423 DSC_2422